MH Glass is a joint-venture which specializes in importing verified glasses and mirrors. We have independent import and export operation rights. We believe in Honest Trade-Off, Sincere Attitude and High-Quality and we are working as we aimed. We have a solid understanding of the needs and requirements of our customers, and the knowledge to assist our customers in product selection.

Our products vary from: Clear Glass, Tinted Glass, Figured Glass, Reflective Glass, and Decorative Glass such as Acid Etched/Screen Printed/Baking Painted/Cloth/Film Bonded/Laminated Glass and Multi-Tech Processed Glass. Meanwhile, the mirrors differ from Clear Aluminium Coated Mirror, Tinted Aluminum Coated Mirror, Clear Silver Coated Mirror, Tinted Silver Coated Mirror, Clear Chrome Coated Mirror and Auto side/Rear Mirror and Bend Mirror etc.

MH Glass is striving to build up the most influential glass construction base by continuously pursing high quality, advanced technology, cutting edge R&D, professional technicians and innovative team. Our products and services are highly respected by our customers all over the world.